Francey Brady’s Bar and Restaurant, located at the corner of Hawthorne Avenue and Main Street, in the heart of downtown Yonkers, celebrated its official Grand Opening on Thursday, June 15th, 2017. 

After renovating the entire establishment and putting their own mark on the well-known corner enclave, previously named The Tyrone House, these two women entrepreneurs took stock from previous owners Mary Teague and her husband Jimmy who were proprietors for 28 years in the current spot and 58 years in the area.

Siobhan Barry-O’Sullivan hailing from Trim, County Meath, Ireland came to our Yonkers enclave in the Summer of 1995 and began her career in the restaurant business at Rory Dolan’s Bar & Restaurant in Yonkers.  Then, it was on to Fibber Magee’s in the heart of ‘The Emerald Mile’ for three years, and then 14 years in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx, pulling pints, mixing with the locals and making a name for herself,  As a hardworking, dedicated employee developing a ton of friends and memories along the way, never mind the skills to run circles around her peers . After a short stint in Manhattan, NY, her roots called her back to the area she’s called home for the past 17 years. Tying the knot to her husband Martin Barry in 2004, they truly love this town, as do their two adoring sons Cian (9), and Conor (7).  The O’Sullivans happily reside in the North-East section of Yonkers.  Siobhan credits her strong work ethic to her parents, Kathleen and Denis (R.I.P.), and her many siblings also involved in the hospitality industry here in New York.

Co-owner of Francey Brady’s. Patricia Brady, headed to New York in 1985, residing in Yonkers via Cornafean, County Cavan, Ireland. Beginning her hospitality career in O’Reilly’s Pub on West 31st Street, she soon learned the ropes, crediting a great economy and strong  work ethic for the next  15 years  that later turned her attention to opening her own business as a child-care giver in the Yonkers area. Having the opportunity to raise her son Nevan (13), while being a stay-at-home parent with help from her husband Steve Murphy, Patricia went on to help nurture, guide and care for numerous young Yonkers residents onto their educational careers.  She instilled knowledge and fundamental development of the basic curriculum and social skills needed to prepare children for a well-rounded education complemented by the Yonkers Board of Education. After  13 years of child care, and her son grown in high school, Patricia felt the need to challenge her inner-self and go back to her passion and core niche of serving others with the love and dedication she shared with the many children she helped raise by giving back to the community she so proudly calls home.  Patricia’s brother, Brien Brady, owner and operator of Nevco  Contracting Inc., was instrumental in the renovation of the establishment and responsible for much of the behind the scenes work needed to open.  He worked tirelessly to make some upgrades, as nothing was impossible to him to overcome. Their parents Pat Joe (94) and Anna-May (81) are very proud of their daughter’s venture, as Pat Joe always wanted his wee daughter to move home and open a bar in their local town. Patricia hopes they’ll come for a visit and see the pride of her place and the hard work this family have put into making this happen.

If you’re asking or wondering where the name of the bar/restaurant came from, go back in time and rent Netflix or download the classic Irish roots movie “The Butcher Boy” made in 1997 by Oscar winning and renowned director Neil Jordan. Ahead of its time by Irish standards, and a cult classic, the main character, a sharp witted, charismatic character who referred to himself as “The Incredible Francey Brady”, the co-owners just figured it was an “incredible” name to call their establishment while paying homage to the well-rounded film.

Considering the rate of development, proprietors Siobhan and Patricia anticipate to be busy for a long time to come, and consider themselves off to a great start with such great reviews. They are grateful to their hard working staff and the opportunity to have a wonderful Irish chef get the kitchen up and running.  Siobhan and Patricia welcome all to come visit Francey Brady’s for a bit of good eats and cheer. Sláinte!



(914) 226-8644



72 Main Street

Yonkers, NY 10701 



Sun - Thu 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Fri & Sat 11:00 am - 2:00 am